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>>A Salisbury Post article on Labor Day 2012 looks at Kannapolis today without the mill. GO
>>Where Do You Stand? nominated for a 2006 EMMY Award
>>Where Do You Stand? wins a 2006 Chicago International Television Award (Hugo) GO
>>Where Do You Stand? airing on Free Speech TV Dish Network 9415. GO
>>Where Do You Stand? now broadcast on PBS stations around the country. Check with your local PBS station for details.
>>Where Do You Stand? wins the North Carolina Filmmaking Award at the 2005 RiverRun Film Festival GO
>>Where Do You Stand? wins a 2004 CINE Golden Eagle award GO
>>The companion Where Do You Stand? facilitator guide for organizers and educators is now available!! Check it out today. GO
>>We are currently organizing screenings and Q&A's in cities, towns, campuses and union halls across the country. Contact us if you'd like to help host a screening in your community.

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