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American Rights at Work

Human Rights Watch Report
UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Workers' Freedom of Association in the United States under International Human Rights Standards

Human Rights Watch press release about the report
"Deck is Stacked" Against U.S. Workers´┐Ż--Violations Undercut U.S. Position on Labor Rights and Trade

Lance Compa commentary in Washington Post October 30, 2000
U.S. Workers' Rights Are Being Abused

AFL-CIO "Why Working Families Need Labor Law Reform

AFL-CIO "Employers? Resistance to Workers? Freedom to Choose a Voice at Work


Behind the Label
An online resource for activists interested in sweatshop labor issues.

U.S Fourth Circuit Court Decision
Appeals court ruling against Fieldcrest Cannon

"What Happens if Pillowtex Vanishes?"
Charlotte Observer, April 2003

Institute for Southern Studies
A sponsor of Where Do You Stand? and publisher of the journal, Southern Exposure, the Institute is a nationally recognized resource for grassroots activists, community leaders, scholars, policy makers and others working to bring lasting social and economic change to the South.

Pillowtex Corporation
Labor Department Certifies Pillowtex Workers For Trade Adjustment Assistance--link to press release

Working Films
Working Films is a nationally recognized action-driven link between high quality documentary filmmaking and serious grassroots organizing. Their work supports efforts for social, economic, and environmental justice.